Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Middlesbrough Wheel

A short time ago, I took a flight on the London Eye:

This week I went for a spin on the brand new Middlesbrough Wheel.

It's smaller than its London counterpart but well worth a go. There was a queue but it soon went down. It cost £4 per person to get on the wheel.

TFM Radio’s Wayne Allen provides a running commentary, pointing out the various landmarks on Teesside's horizon. The cabins even have their own, user-controlled heating system - and a panic button!

At the end of the journey there is the option of buying several copies of a photo, taken just before the start. At £10 for quality photos, we thought that was good value.

My sister and I enjoyed seven revolutions on the wheel, followed by a trip to MIMA ( ) and then Cineworld (to see Avatar).

Here's few photos of and on the wheel (all taken by Sharon Marsh and used here by kind permission).

Middlesbrough's famous 'Bottle O' Notes'

The Town Hall

We did not feel tempted to use this!

Snowbound Middlesbrough

The football stadium

A glimpse of the Transporter Bridge

The night-time view is impressive too.
Darkness had descended once 'Avatar' had ended!

Well done Middlesbrough for raising their ambitions and profile!

For more of Sharon's pictures, taken all over the world, pop along to:

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