Thursday 25 January 2018

Project 30 Update

The semi-finals of the Project 30 Rapidplay Match Championship have now concluded.


John Garnett 1.5-2.5 Sean Marsh (two wins to one with one draw)

Matt Jackman 2.5-1.5 Julian Allinson (first game win by Matt and the next three all drawn)

Matt and I will now contest a six-game Rapidplay match to bring this particular contest to its conclusion.

The first round of the Project 30 KO Championship has now concluded too. In the final fixture of the round, Dave Edmunds beat Brian Whitaker after what sounded like a very long and interesting game and here is the revised draw for the second round.

First Round Results

Peter Harker 1-0 (d) David Wise

Mike Creaney 0-1 Matthew Jackman

Dave Edmunds 1-0 Brian Whitaker

Sean Marsh 1-0 John Garnett

Julian Allinson 1-0 David Baillie (After replay; first game drawn)

Paul Weightman 0-1 Andrew Smith

Kevin Waterman 0-1 Richard Harris

Bernie Price 1-0 Sean Cassidy

Second Round

Julian Allinson vs. Dave Edmunds

Peter Harker 0-1 Matthew Jackman

Andrew Smith vs. Bernie Price

Richard Harris 0-1 Sean Marsh

More Project 30 events will be announced soon...