Thursday 6 May 2021

Project 30: Final Results, January - April 2021

Project 30: Results Update

The latest four Project 30 tournaments have now reached their conclusions.

There have been many excellent games over the course of the last four months and now we can confirm the final standings.

We have four different champions, all of whom deserved their success.

Summary of Champions

Rapidplay Match Championship

Matt Jackman

KO Championship

Rayelynn Posadas

Alekhine Tournament

Richard Harris

Capablanca Tournament

Peter Harker

Summary of Results

Rapidplay Match Championship

Matt Jackman 4.5-3.5 Dave Baillie (Results from Matt's point of view: 0.5, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0.5, 0.5)

Congratulations to Matt for winning the Rapidplay Championship!

Congratulations to Dave also, for such a fantastic final.

The final was everything we hoped it would be. Each of the four two-game sessions brought something different.

KO Final

Rayelynn Posadas 1-0 Andrew Smith

Congratulations to both players on reaching the final and extra congratulations to Rayelynn for becoming the new KO Champion!

Semi-Final Results

Andrew Smith 1-0 (First game drawn) Dave Baillie

Matt Jackman 0-1 Rayelynn Posadas

All-play-all Alekhine Tournament

Richard Harris 4.5/6

Royce Parker 3.5/6

Kevin Waterman 3/6

Graham Edwards 1/6


Richard Harris 1-1 Graham Edwards

Richard Harris 2-0 Kevin Waterman

Richard Harris 1.5-0.5 Royce Parker

Royce Parker 2-0 Graham Edwards

Royce Parker 1-1 Kevin Waterman

Kevin Waterman 2-0 Graham Edwards

All-play-all Capablanca Tournament

Peter Harker 7/10

Royce Parker 6/10

John Garnett 5.5/10

Mike Pointon 3.5/8

Paul Weightman 3/6

Kevin Waterman 1/8


Peter Harker 2-0 Mike Pointon

Peter Harker 1-1 Paul Weightman

Peter Harker 2-0 Kevin Waterman

Peter Harker 1.5-0.5 Royce Parker

Peter Harker 0.5-1.5 John Garnett

Royce Parker 1.5-0.5 John Garnett

Royce Parker 1-1 Paul Weightman

Royce Parker 2-0 Kevin Waterman

Royce Parker 1-1 Mike Pointon

Paul Weightman 1-1 John Garnett

Mike Pointon 1.5-0.5 John Garnett

Kevin Waterman 1-1 Mike Pointon

Kevin Waterman 0-2 John Garnett

There are still two fixtures remaining. They cannot alter the top place but I will add the results here if the games are eventually played.

Kevin Waterman - Paul Weightman

Paul Weightman - Mike Pointon