Monday 30 June 2014

Further Reading

My reviews of John Nunn's Chess Course (John Nunn, Gambit Publications) and Chess Words of Wisdom (Mike Henebry, The Chess Press) are both included in the latest issue of CHESS Magazine (July 2014).

For ordering details, head here.

Saturday 28 June 2014

Teesside Junior Team Championship - Date Announced

No sooner had we presented all of the prizes, both on the day of the Teesside Championships...

Photo © Sonia Coates
 ...and, for those who shared a title (which required the purchase of new trophies and a slightly delayed prize giving) at the end of the week...
...the date for the next chess tournament at Yarm School was already being added to the calendar.

Teesside schools will be invited to send teams of four players for the team championship on Saturday 27 September.

Full details and entry forms will be distributed at the start of the new school term.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

CSC Teesside Training Day

Event reminder...


Our next CSC Teesside Training Day will be in Middlesbrough on Monday 7 July 2014.

Anyone can enrol and it's free to people currently involved with any of our CSC Teesside schools (teachers, TAs, parents...)

For further details and the online enrolment form, please follow this link.

For reports on our previous CSC Training Days, please follow this link.

Monday 23 June 2014

Teesside Junior Chess Championship 2014 (Part 2)

The Teesside Individual Junior Chess Championships attracted a record entry of 107 players, split into sections for Under-7s, Under-9s and Under-11s. We posted the full results yesterday; this time we present a number of photos from the busy day.

Yarm School hosted the event and their excellent facilities and superb staff ensured all was ready for a full day of serious chess, with nothing else to worry about.

The children rose to the challenge and produced magnificent chess battles throughout the five rounds.

Even the sun shone at all the right times, enabling us to hold the prizegiving ceremony outside, finishing the day with a real feel good factor.



Sunday 22 June 2014

Teesside Junior Chess Championship 2014

Teesside Junior Chess Championship 2014
Yarm School
There will be more photos and a report tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's a full list of results.

Summary of Prize Winners


=1st: 4/5: Teesside Girls’ Champion - Sara Tryambake (Yarm)
 Teesside Boy’s Champion - Aidan Howe (Throston)
3rd: 3/5: Oscar Thomas (Yarm)

Best CSC Girl: 2.5/5: Eden Milwain (New Marske)


5/5: Joint Teesside Boys’ Champions - Jake Meager (Yarm), Edward Adams (Yarm)

4.5/5: Best CSC Boy - Thomas Stiff (Errington)

=3rd: 4/5: Matthew Anthony (Yarm), Mohamed Fahmy (Yarm), Jayden Heanan (John Emmerson Batty), Lewis Helm (Errington), Sam King (Westgarth)

3.5/5: Teesside Girls’ Champion - Zoe Coates (Errington)


=1st: 5/5: Teesside Boy’s Champion - Max Newbold (Yarm)

=2nd: 4/5: Ryan Coleman (Billingham South), Callum Finn (Westgarth), (Ryan and Callum share the Best CSC Boy place), Anish Krishnan (Yarm), Tharun Suresh (Yarm), James Thomson (Yarm), Jack Bailey (Yarm)

3/5: Joint Teesside Girls’ Champions - Eleanor Drummond (Westgarth), Caitlin Jackson (Westgarth), Chloe Armstrong (Westgarth)

Full Results

Under-7 Section

4/5: Sara Tryambake (Yarm), Aidan Howe (Throston)

3/5: Oscar Thomas (Yarm)

2.5/5: Eden Milwain (New Marske), Jacob Lamb (Throston)

1.5/5: Lucy Agar (Throston), Kyan Watson (Pennyman)

1/5: Macy James (Pennyman)

Under-9 Section

5/5: Jake Meager (Yarm), Edward Adams (Yarm)

4.5/5: Thomas Stiff (Errington)

4/5: Matthew Anthony (Yarm), Mohamed Fahmy (Yarm), Jayden Heanan (John Emmerson Batty), Lewis Helm (Errington), Sam King (Westgarth)

3.5/5: Zoe Coates (Errington), Jey Draper (John Emmerson Batty), Miles Holland (Yarm), Luke Nargol (Yarm), Max Nicholson (Throston), Ammar Soni (Yarm)

3/5: Jack Blackburn (Errington), Poppy Boyd (Throston), Tom Cleasby (Westgarth), Joseph Faulkner (John Emmerson Batty), Jamie Frost (John Emmerson Batty), Billy Hair (John Emmerson Batty), Adam Jones (Yarm), Rishik Kalagara (Yarm), Gaurav Kannan (Yarm), Erin Lambton (Ings Farm), Ishaan Mahmood (Yarm), Benjy Millward (Throston), Rushil Partha (Levendale), Katie Scott (Westgarth)

2.5/5: Caitlin Anderson (Westgarth), Jamie Skelton (Ings Farm), Lauren Bishop (John Emmerson Batty), Anna Anderson (John Emmerson Batty), Adam Davis (John Emmerson Batty)

2/5: Chelsea Jacobs (Throston), Sophie Tranter (Errington), Katie Gunn (Ings Farm), Romilly Nichols (Yarm), Joseph Scott (Westgarth), Keya Shah (Yarm), Will Tighe (Throston), Georgia Smith (Errington), Stanley Ridgway (Throston), Elliot Travil (Errington), Ashleigh Dixon (Yarm), Charlotte Hall (New Marske), Samantha Botterill (Yarm), Zoe Hill (Westgarth), Kieran Atkins (John Emmerson Batty), Blossom Veitch (Errington), Will Craggs (Yarm)

1.5/5: Abigail Cook (New Marske), Ruby Armstrong (Westgarth), James Edwards (Errington)

1/5: Jacob Allamby (Errington), Emily Brown (Throston), Erin Young (John Emmerson Batty), Jack Poole (John Emmerson Batty), Alice Tranter (Errington), Alexander Wallace (Yarm)

0.5/5: Amber Slader

0/5: Piya Nag

Under-11 Section

5/5: Max Newbold (Yarm)

4/5: Ryan Coleman (Billingham South), Callum Finn (Westgarth), Anish Krishnan (Yarm), Tharun Suresh (Yarm), James Thomson (Yarm), Jack Bailey (Yarm)

3/5: Eleanor Drummond (Westgarth), Caitlin Jackson (Westgarth), Chloe Armstrong (Westgarth), Rhys Kirton (John Emmerson Batty), Aidan Conaghan (Ings Farm), Adam Highfield (Ings Farm), Jack Dunn (Errington), Cole Newton (Westgarth), William Crawford (Yarm), Abhinav Ramisetty (Yarm)

2/5: Harry Groves (Errington), Finn Henry (Errington), Kaushiki Dasgupta (Yarm), Emma Watson (Throston), Dan Wollaston (Errington), Aidan McLeod (Errington), Jack Bishop (John Emmerson Batty)

1/5: Netanya Alwis (St. Patrick’s), Ola Darby (Westgarth), Ryan Dowson (Billingham South), Jake Simpson (Westgarth), Georgia Stannard (New Marske), Natalie Limaye (Yarm), Alice Louden (Yarm)

0/5: Catherine Holton (John Emmerson Batty)

Thursday 19 June 2014

CSC Teesside Summer Update (2)

The Summer term allows me to add a few new events to the chess calendar. One particularly effective plan involves bringing players from two or three different schools together for a shared coaching and playing session.

We recently combined eight players from Ings Farm Primary with eight from John Emmerson Batty Primary for an afternoon.

First of all the players had to pair up with someone from the other school, without being helped in the selection process by the adults. Some managed to pass this social test faster than others. The mini-teams then had to try and solve six chess puzzles, which tested their powers of cooperation.

We went though the answers on the demonstration board, with selected players coming out to the front of the class to talk the rest of the group through the solutions. There followed some more shared coaching on the demonstration board before the players split into teams to play some matches.

All of the children enjoyed the experience, as the photos should show.

We repeated the format with players from Pennyman, Caldicotes and Brambles, this time with four players from each school.

Once again we challenged the children with chess puzzles, shared coaching and a concluding match.

We are hoping to fit in one more such session before the end of the term.

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Blackbird in the Bird Bath

It took the birds a little while to work out what the bird bath was for, but they are enjoying it now!