Monday 14 February 2022

Project 30 Results Update: Semi-finals Now Completed

KO Championship


Dave Baillie 0-1 Sean Marsh

Matt Jackman 1-0 Richard Harris


Matt Jackman vs. Sean Marsh

Rapidplay Championship

Sean Marsh 3-1 John Garnett (1,1,1,0)
Matt Jackman 3-1 Dave​ Baillie​ (1,0,1,1)


Matt Jackman vs. Sean Marsh

The two finals have a provisional deadline of the end of April 2022.

Earlier Results

KO Championship

Round One

Sean Cassidy 0-1 Richard Harris

Kevin Waterman 0-1 Stephen Ollis​

Round Two

Sean Marsh 1-0 John Garnett (the first game was a draw and we required a replay)

Dave Baillie 1-0 Peter Harker

Matt Jackman 1-0 Royce Parker

Richard Harris 1-0 Stephen Ollis

Confirmed semi-finalists

Sean Marsh

Dave Baillie

Matt Jackman

Richard Harris

The draw will be made soon.

Rapidplay Championship

The top two players from each group will advance to the semi-finals (winner of group A vs. runner-up of group B and vice versa.)

The semi-finals will be four Rapidplay games and the final will be six games.

Group A

Sean Marsh

Matt Jackman

Richard Harris

Kevin Waterman

Sean Cassidy

Matt Jackman 2-0 Richard Harris

Matt Jackman 2-0 Sean Cassidy

Matt Jackman 0-2 Sean Marsh

Matt Jackman 1-1 Kevin Waterman

Sean Cassidy 0-2 Sean Marsh

Kevin Waterman 0-2 Sean Marsh

Kevin Waterman 0-2 Sean Cassidy

Kevin Waterman 1-1 Richard Harris

Richard Harris 0-2 Sean Marsh

Richard Harris 1.5-0.5 Sean Cassidy

Final Group Standings

Sean Marsh 8/8

Matt Jackman 5/8

Sean Cassidy 2.5/8

Richard Harris 2.5/8

Kevin Waterman 2/8

Group B

Dave Baillie

John Garnett

Royce Parker

Peter Harker

Stephen Ollis

Da​ve Baillie 1.5-0.5 John Gar​nett

Dave Baillie 1.5-0.5 Stephen Ollis

Dave Baillie 1-1 Royce Parker

Dave Baillie 2-0 Peter Harker

John Garnett 2-0 Stephen Ollis

John Garnett 2-0 Peter Harker

John Garnett 1-1 Royce Parker

Peter Harker 2-0 Stephen Ollis

Peter Harker 0-2 Royce Parker

Royce Parker 1.5-0.5 Stephen Ollis

Final Group Standings

Dave Baillie 6/8

John Garnett 5.5/8

Royce Parker 5.5/8

Peter Harker 2/8

Stephen Ollis 1/8


John Garnett 1.5-0.5 Royce Parker

Confirmed Semi-finalists

Sean Marsh - John Garnett
Matt Jackman - Dave Baillie