Wednesday 23 December 2009

Signings At Simpsons

Simpsons in the Strand, the venue we know mainly for the Staunton Memorial tournament, recently played host to a number of book signings. These were part of a series of literary lunches organised by The Oldie magazine.

I was fortunate to be able to pop along on consecutive Tuesdays during my London trip.

June Whitfield
Signing At A Glance: An Absolutely Fabulous Life
Watch out for her on Doctor Who this week!

I asked her which of her many roles and shows she felt were her favourites and she replied:

'I always say the one I’m doing at the minute!'

I wondered if she was looking forward to seeing herself in Doctor Who.

'Well, yes - if it hasn’t been cut - you never know!'

Barry Cryer
Signing Butterfly Brain

Terry Wogan

Signing copies of Where Was I?!
He was also kind enough to write out a Christmas card for my Mother!

Gyles Brandreth
Signing Something Sensational To Read In The Train
I enjoyed reading it on the trains back to Teesside

'I want to be photographed with you!'

I had a brief converation with Gyles, which went something like this....

SM: 'I’m very much enjoying your Oscar Wilde series...'

GB: 'Oh, good!'

SM: 'How many more are in the pipeline?'

GB: 'Well I’m beginning the fourth now.'

SM: 'So that will probably take about a year then…?'

GB: 'Yes, from beginning to end.'

SM: 'Do you have some sort of master plan outlined for the series?'

GB: 'Yes, I do…but I keep postponing the sort of difficult ones.'

SM: 'Have you been tempted to write any biographical material on the likes of Oscar Wilde and Conan Doyle?'

GB: 'Yes…I have, but I’ve decided other people are doing that, so I’m going to stick to this.'

I asked if it was ok to take a couple of photos and he was enthusiastic.

GB: 'I want to be photographed with you - I want to be!'

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