Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Live From Olympia...

(All photos in this post are courtesy of John Saunders)

Ni Hua won for the first time yesterday

Nakamura drew with David Howell

Kramnik gained ground on Carlsen with an excellent win

Chess Classic

Current Standings

12: Carlsen
11: Kramnik
7: McShane
6: Ni Hua, Adams, Howell
5: Nakamura
4: Short
The final round is under way right now!

John Ludvig Hammer has won the FIDE Open with a magificent score of 8/9.

Arainne Caoili won the Women's Invitational event with a round to spare.

Last night's Korchnoi simul was tougher than the first one. Indeed, the great man lost the first two games before picking up a series of wins. As adjudication loomed, after three hours of play, the pace increased and blunders were made.

The final score was +10, =8, -6 in Korchnoi's favour.

More updates later...meanwhile, pop along to the official site for full details.


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