Sunday 16 April 2017

Scott Lloyd: In the Garden

In the Garden
Scott Lloyd

It's over three years since Scott first appeared here at Marsh Towers, when we reviewed The Northern Gate. A review of his subsequent EP, Give Me Something, soon followed.

Scott's brand new EP is out now, featuring five original songs.

In the Garden
Cornish Coast
Four Cities
Wild Flower

The title track ushers in a change of direction, with Scott backed by a band rather than playing solo and acoustically. It's a lively song, harkening back to a sunshine youth of getting home from school at 3.30 p.m. and playing football until a tea of fish fingers, chips and beans; playing in the garden and dreaming about growing up and being 10 feet tall. Amid the happy memories is a darker understanding that being older will not bring the freedom of youth. This is one of the two great standout tracks on the EP.

The narrative, driven by the up-tempo beat, is reminiscent of some early numbers by The Kinks, with youthful freedom and family life casting long shadows over a later, more complicated life.

Loss and longing are recurring themes throughout the five songs. 

Cornish Coast and Lavender slow the pace for more straightforward love songs, closer to Scott's folk roots and Four Cities charts the journey of a wanderer now keen on returning.

Wild Flower is a slow-burner and a real standout track. It extends the garden imagery from the title track and paints a picture of a man determined to change his life for the better and being able to see the sky again. The song has been crafted to build in admirable fashion and is a really accomplished piece of work.

Scott's repertoire and style continue to evolve. In the Garden finds him in good voice and with plenty to saw. These five songs are his most textured to date. Scratch the surface of the 'easy listening' coating and one will encounter plenty of thought-provoking questions and ideas.
In Manchester? Head for the EP Launch Show
Find out more about Scott and his music at his official website.