Friday, 17 May 2019

Lauren Daigle at the Islington 02

Lauren Daigle
Islington 02
I can say without exaggeration, right from the start, that this was one of the best and most moving gigs I have ever seen.

Lauren Daigle's Look Up Child album already established itself as one of my favourites last year - as highlighted here - and I already felt I had to make absolutely sure I would get to a gig in 2019 if she decided to come to the UK.

As it happened, there was one UK date for the current tour - and it sold out quickly. But not quickly enough to prevent me bagging a ticket.

The Islington 02 was a new venue for me. It is at the top of a shopping centre. The queue for the door snakes down the side of Pret a Manger, with a little gap to allow access.

Once inside, there was the usual 02 dash to find the best vowing position. The area downstairs had already started filling up but there was a small balcony upstairs, which I happily utilised.

The set list was taken mainly from Look Up Child but there were songs from the first album too, plus a couple of covers and a brace of new songs.

Lauren's connection with the audience was instant and remarkable. I doubt there was a single person in the venue who didn't feel the deep link between singer and audience.

The songs in Lauren's repertoire are all very strong and the set list was structured to gain a maximum reach as the evening unfolded. The defiant Still Rolling Stones is a fabulous opener, for both album and gig alike.

Lauren was smiling and dancing all night, clearly enjoying the occasion just as much as the rest of us. At one point she even brought a woman out of the audience to perform alongside her backing singers (who may well be named The Rebels from now on, after the suggestion of another member of the audience).


Set List

Still Rolling Stones
Look Up Child
O' Lord
Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder cover)
This Girl
Rescue You
Your Wings
One Love
Losing My Religion
Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House cover)
Love Like This
How Can It Be
Rebel Heart
You Say


Love Is
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/Something Beautiful/You Say

This was definitely one of those 'I was there' gigs. It is surely only a matter of time before Lauren returns for a full tour of the UK, in larger venues. Yet the memories of this night in Islington will stay with me forever. Her voice, her style, her openness...they all need to be experienced in person to fully appreciate the power they contain.

A truly remarkable performance.

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