Monday, 13 May 2013

Larry Miller: Live and Outlawed

Live and Outlawed
Larry Miller
With six studio albums already under his belt, Larry Miller's new offering is a two-disc, high energy live recording, full of blistering solos and catchy riffs.

Still Ain't Done With The Blues sets the scene for what is to follow, with it's fast tempo and first guitar solo after just a couple of minutes. The tracks are long; the opener, at 7.05, is only the seventh longest on the album. This give each song the chance to breathe and creates plenty of opportunities to let Miller's scorching guitar off the lead for extended blasts.

Messin' With The Kid, an authentic 1960s blues song by Junior Wells, is the one full cover version on Live and Outlawed (although there's a medley in the middle of the album's longest track - 14.28! - Just As Blue As It Gets that includes Voodoo Chile and Shadow Play).

The pace then drops slightly from power rocker to rock ballad for the next couple of tracks, before cranking it up again for Gambler's Hill.

There's another change of tempo - and style - at the start of the second disc, with Outlaw Blues showcasing some very fine slide guitar and providing one of the albums highlights. Missy Mango sees the electric power return to sweep away the acoustic interlude. The traditional blues return with Mad Dog before the monster rock-out of Just As Blue As It Gets, which at just under 15 minutes represents the focal point of the whole album.

Exhausted ears will welcome Calling All The Angels, a slow-building ballad which is as tender as it gets here. Then it's back to the blues again for the finale, Backstabber Blues, which is one of the most outwardly conventional songs on the album, but still clocks in a little way from the 10 minute mark.

Track List


Still Ain't Done With The Blues
Messin' With The Kid
The Girl That Got Away
Gambler's Hill
Cruel Old World


Outlaw Blues
Missy Mango
Mad Dog
Just As Blue As It Gets
Calling All The Angels
Backstabber Blues

Live and Outlawed is scheduled for a 10 June release and Larry Miller is currently on a UK tour. Follow the latest news on his official website and on the newly relaunched GFI-Promotions site.

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