Friday, 20 November 2009

Dimensions 2009

Dimensions 2009
November 14-15
Holiday Inn, Newcastle

'Dimensions 2009' was an excellent Doctor Who convention. I've been going every year since 2002 and have always had a great time.

As usual, the convention was organised by 10th Planet and there was a magnificent array of guests from all eras of the show.

Here's a pictorial report from the busy weekend, showing the guests in action during their interview panels and signing sessions.

Velile Tshabalala ('Rosita' in The Next Doctor)

Kai Owen ('Rhys' in Torchwood)

Caroline John ('Liz Shaw')

Gillian Brown ('Ohica' in The Brain of Morbius)

Sarah Sutton ('Nyssa')

Anneke Wills ('Polly')

Kai Owen and friends

Velile Tshabalala

Colin Baker ('Sixth Doctor')

Gillian Brown being interviewed

Anneke Wills

Nick Briggs (voice of the many monsters -
most famously, the Daleks - actor, writer, director
and just about everything else in between)

Rob Shearman (writer, probably best known to Dr Who fans as
the man who wrote the 'Dalek' episode for the 2005 series)

Richard Franklin ('Mike Yates' of UNIT)

Lisa Bowerman ('Karra' in Survival and
'Professor Bernice Summerfield'in the
long-runnng series of Big Finish audio adventures)

A fine collection of intergalactic friends and foes

The effervescent Katy Manning ('Jo Grant')

Sophie Aldred ('Ace')

Paul McGann ('Eighth Doctor')

The Big Finish panel

He ran off when I said I had some gold crowns

Caroline John

Ross Marshall (Blue Man helper for the Face of Boe in The End of the World)

Sarah Sutton

Colin Baker signs yet another Dr. Who book

Kai Owen and friend

An Ogron with his master


The Black Dalek

Cassandra's brain

Cassandra, demonstrating the dangers of cosmetic surgery

Katy Manning and Sophie Aldred signing away

Sophie Aldred

Jacqueline King ('Sylvia Noble' - Donna's Mam!)

Paul McGann, with 'Respect Your Mother' T-shirt

Katy Manning

Richard Franklin

Jacqueline King was the final guest to be interviewed

Even Ogrons need a rest after a busy weekend

Here's some reports from earlier Doctor Who events:


peter said...

thanks for posting your Dimensions 2009 pics m8, I had most of mine on a memory stick and lost it (hopefully it'll turn up one day)

Rob said...

Wonderful pics! I accidently formatted my mememory card during the weekend. you also have snapped me "Katy Manning and Sophie Aldred signing away" Im the guy on the right with bag.