Thursday, 7 May 2009

Staunton Memorial 2009

Details of the 2009 Staunton Memorial have emerged.

The number of participants has grown and there are now two tournaments.

The UK will play Holland in a Scheveningen tournament and there will be an intriguing all-play-all alongside.

The UK team consists of Adams, Short, Howell, Rowson and Jones. They will be up against Sokolov, Smeets, van Wely, L'ami and Werle.

The all-play-all features ten players, including two former World Championship finalists, in the form of Korchnoy and Timman.

The events start on 7 August and finish on 17 August. The venue is London's Simpsons In The Strand.

It's remarkable that in these troubled times the Staunton Memorial event is able to reveal its strongest ever line-up. This is all excellent news for chess.

Further details are available here:

Some information regarding last year's event san be found here:

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