Monday, 4 March 2019

Showaddywaddy at the Billingham Forum Theatre

Billingham Forum Theatre
2 March 2019

A long and extremely busy week requires a remedy of sorts and it came in the form of a cup of tea and an evening of good old Rock ‘n’ Roll.
Step forward Showaddywaddy, with their perfectly timed return to Billingham. This was my fourth time seeing them at the Forum Theatre. There are not going to be surprises at a Showaddywaddy show, which is one of their strengths. 
A variety of coloured jackets – all changed at half-time to freshen up the rainbow – an excellent selection of classic songs we all know and love, a couple of new ones slipped in to promote their latest CD and a whole load of charisma from the characters on the stage.
The theatre was packed out and everyone was in a good mood. In the second half the shackles were off and many a seat was abandoned as people could not resist dancing any longer.
We had everything from Johnny B. GoodeHeartbeat and Summertime Blues through to A Night at Daddy GeesUnder the Moon of Love and Hey Rock and Roll.
Entertainment is always guaranteed when Showaddywaddy are in town. Follow their news and tour dates over at their official website.

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