Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Julia Fordham: Porcelain 25

Julia Fordham
The Sage (Hall 2), Gateshead
Julia Fordham's current tour is to celebrate 25 years since the release of the Porcelain album. The previous tour was in the summer of 2013, as reviewed here

This show saw the whole of the Porcelain album played in full, followed by a small selection of other popular songs.

Julia's highly distinctive voice was matched by the virtuosity of Grant Mitchell on piano, but this time there was a new addition to the personnel. Pav Chana had met Julia at the stage door after the show in Leeds and had told her Porcelain was the initial inspiration for him start playing percussion. In an extraordinary twist, he was invited to join the show - with his percussion set - two days later - which is why he was here at The Sage. I've never known anything like that happen before.

Another connection to Porcelain was the presence, onstage, of the original red garment featured on the album's artwork.

Julia connected well with the audience. Noticing one or two vacant seats on the front row, she asked people from the balcony behind her to come down and fill the gaps, praising their bravery when some people actually did so.
Porcelain 25 was a classy show and we look forward to seeing Julia Fordham again in the near future.

For all the Julia Fordham news and tour dates, head for her official website.

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