Monday, 19 December 2011

London Highlights: 2

A few more photos from around London...

...starting with a trip to St Paul's to see the protesters' camp. The slogans speak for themselves.

I was there early in the morning and the vast majority of protesters were (presumably) still asleep in their tents. However, the mid-camp piano was ready for action.

The Museum of London is a short walk from St Paul's. I went to see the Dickens and London exhibition, which was very good indeed.

Moving on to Trafalgar Square, I intended to go and see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery, but having joined the queue for tickets I was told that I wouldn't be able to get to the front of the queue to be served for another three hours, and then wouldn't be able to get in to see the exhibition until another three hours after that. It was also impossible to pre-book tickets, so I had to give it a miss.

However, Trafalgar Square didn't let me down. I was surprised and amused to see an enormous number of Santas arrive from all directions.

I didn't know at the time, but it was all part of the annual Santacon.

There were also some human statues to enjoy.

More serious things were happening too.

I returned to the Square the following morning and it was as quiet as I've ever known it.

On to Covent Garden...

An entertaining juggler! 'I'll start off juggling three balls. I know it's easy, ladies and gentleman, but I'll work my way up to six!'

Juggling four balls looked easy enough for him too, so he repeated his promise to juggle six.

He appeared to move into position to pick up the other two...

...but then he stood up again and started waggling his legs about. 'There you go, ladies and gentleman - I'm juggling six balls!'

Time for a trip to the Transport Museum.

...and so say all of us.

Go on - admit it: you thought of Reg Varney there, didn't you?

Finally, a few Christmas images from Whiteleys.

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