Friday, 16 December 2011

London Classic Photos: 5

Here's my concluding set of photos from the London Chess Classic. There are snaps from other bits of pieces from my London trips still to come.

Chess is still a tough game

The World Champion focuses before the start of play

Viktor Korchnoi reunited with his former second, Michael Stean

More friends reunited: Richard Hall and Mike Basman

...and even more, as Garry Kasparov chats with Mr and Mrs Korchnoi

Richard getting his book signed by The Boss

Hikaru Nakamura, enjoying the fact that one of the juniors,
called in to make the first move of the game, chose 1 Nh3

Vladimir Kramnik on his way to a great tournament victory

Nigel Short, ready for action

The players await the start of the round.
Magnus Carlsen likes to avoid the cameras

Gawain Jones playing in the FIDE Open

Garry Kasparov signing copies of his new book

A rare appearance by another Grandmaster and
former British Champion - Jonathan Mestel

Kasparov and the Korchnois

Anand didn't have the best of tournaments

Luke McShane, on the other hand, was on terrific form

Michael Adams, despite excellent recent form, finished last at the Classic

Lev Aronian, during his (eventually drawn) game with Kramnik

Kramnik needed just a draw from his last game
to clinch victory and he made sure he got it

In the V.I.P. room, David Howell demonstrated to Julian Hodgson how could have prolonged his game with Kramnik. Instead of resigning, he could have tried...

...Qf1+, sacrificing a Queen! The following move, ...Qa6+,
will fork the White King and the Rook on c8

The last round in full swing

Kasparov and Short analysing the games

...and finally, Nakamura talks to Danny King and Chris Ward
about his last-round win against Adams, which the latter should
probably have won.

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