Friday, 9 December 2011

London Classic Photos: 2

The opening day of the Third London Chess Classic provided plenty of photo opportunities.

The demonstration monitors are ready for action!

IM Malcolm Pein makes the opening remarks.

The World Champion, Viswanathan Anand. He made a slow start to the tournament and left it until round five before scoring his first victory.

Magnus Carlsen sneaks a backwards glance.

Hikaru Nakamura faces former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. The latter has especially good memories of London, having defeated Garry Kasparov there in 2000, taking the world title in the process.

The British Champion - Michael Adams - is ready to play the World Champion.

David Howell faces Magnus Carlsen.

Luke McShane preparing to play against Lev Aronian.

The Indian High Commissioner Rajesh N. Prasada makes the opening move for Michael Adams.

Special guest Boris Becker makes the first move for Magnus.

Dominic Lawson, Malcolm Pein, Boris Becker and Nigel Short analyse in the VIP room. Note the crutches; Boris broke an ankle playing tennis!

Nigel was quick to use one of the crutches as a pointing stick.

The big exhibition match. Short won but a tennis version of the pairing isn't likely to happen.

Viktor Korchnoi arrived in the VIP to spontaneous applause. Once seated, he analysed non-stop until the end of the games. 80 years old and still full of chess.

Dominic Lawson, enjoying the games.

Julian Hodgson was the MC in the VIP room.

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