Friday, 3 June 2011

Roger Waters: The Wall (Part 2)

Roger Waters
The Wall
Manchester M.E.N. Stadium
Part 2

For part one, see here.

Shortly after the intermission, Pink appeared in a little hole in The Wall, apparently relaxing in a cosy domestic setting.

However, his anger with the world around was soon very much in evidence.

'Comfortably Numb' brought forth a harmony singer at the top of The Wall. The rest of the band were still playing all out behind the bricks, creating a very unusual impression.

Does Pink feel the isolation, or is his ego big enough to cope?

His frustrations reach a peak as he reaches out to The Wall...

...and smashes it, in one of the truly iconic moments of the show.

Will the breaking of The Wall herald a new era of peaceful existence for Pink?

Not a bit of it. By now, his ego is set to maximum and he reinvents himself as a ruthless fascist dictator.

Losing patience with the imperfect world around him, Pink machine guns all and sundry...

...while the huge inflatable 'fascist pig' was hovering high above the crowd.

Soon, guilt catches up with Pink and he feels compelled to place himself on trial.

Following a period of surreal images and scenes, the trial of Pink ends with The Wall tumbling down around him as he is reunited with the audience and the world around.

The cast appeared in front of the ruined wall for a sing-along goodbye.

Roger Waters stressed several times how very happy he was to be in front of such a large crowd, acknowledging he had changed since the earlier era of The Wall.

Everyone had worked very hard throughout the evening. Roger's voice was in very good shape and the band were on great form.

A final goodbye at the end of a magnificent, powerful and though provoking show.

For future tour dates, pop along to the Roger Waters website. There's also some great video footage of a special guest appearance by Dave Gilmour and Nick Mason at an earlier show at London's O2 arena.

This is the end of my pictorial report, but there will be another post regarding the experience at a later date.

Coming next: a return trip to Manchester to see the fabulous Emmylou Harris. Stay tuned...

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