Monday, 29 September 2008

CHESS Magazine Articles

The current issue of CHESS Magazine (October 2008) includes my article on the Staunton Memorial Tournament and a lengthy interview with Grandmaster Raymond Keene OBE.

When I asked GM Keene which modern (from the last 10 years) chess books had impressed him the most, he nominated three volumes of merit and has since been in touch with an important 'PS', which is quoted here:

'One thing I would like to add is that in my comments on modern books I failed to mention the Kasparov series. I simply took them for granted as being superb - ie beyond comment as it were.

When I read the interview I realised I had probably given the impression that I didn't rate them highly simply by not mentioning them; in fact I regard the entire Kasparov series collectively as probably the greatest contribution to chess literature that there has ever been.

The insights are often first hand and the combination of a towering genius, a great back up team and fabulous use of the computer has produced a masterpiece which will be read as long as chess survives.

In particular I liked his new book on the first to matches v Karpov. At last we have from the horse's mouth as it were the closest to the truth we are ever likely to get about the games and also about the notorious stopping of the World Championship by Campomanes and the KGB in 1985.

Kasparov deserves his due meed of praise for having produced an immortal masterpiece. To slightly paraphrase virgil: HOC OPUS HIC LIBER EST!!'

Here's some links to my own reviews of the most recent Kasparov books:
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Revolution In The 70s By GM Garry Kasparov
My Great Predecessors Volume 5: Korchnoi & Karpov by GM Garry Kasparov
A little bit about the books and a reaction to the news of Kasparov's chess retirement.

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