Saturday, 8 June 2019

Snowflakes and Milkshakes

There is nasty edge to the country at the moment and it shows little sign of ending any time soon.

We are now in a world of pantomime villains, risible leadership (just when it is needed the most) and an ethos of dumbing everything down to the lowest common denominator.

Even over the course of the last week, there has been a plethora events which, in any other era, would be shown up for what they are. The following are included (in no particular order),

A politician and indeed current Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs who appeared to believe The Falklands Islands were a part of the United Kingdom.

A politician - who would like to be our leader - suddenly remembering he 'deeply regrets' frequently using cocaine.

News reports on D-Day thinking the words ‘Nazis’ and ‘Germans’ are interchangeable, especially when used in the context of ‘occupied territory.’

The extraordinary belief that the words ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’ are interchangeable. They are not - but who cares when people are fishing for easy, angry insults, while their friends record everything on their mobile phones to gain some ‘right-on’ Twitter kudos? If you want to find out for yourselves how much people really care about something on which they can have a significant impact, try reaching out to your own circle of friends in a time of personal crisis. Congratulations if you receive as many as two significant offers of help.

Bands of people who take to the streets to protest against...virtually everything. They make lots of noise but have nothing to say. Quick to whinge about anything but never able to offer a solution to anything. Classroom bores, as grown ups.

Virtue signalling is all the rage...with an extra dose of the rage, of course.

Too many people who believe throwing a milkshake over someone is funny or fair. Wrong on both counts. Today a milkshake, tomorrow acid. Still funny...?

So-called reality TV shows that are, in the main, the equivalent of the freak shows of former times. When it all goes wrong, the people - who were given what they wanted - revel in the shedding of crocodile tears and then demand the shows be closed down.

It is the era of the ‘mouseaphant’; we are stuck with a seemingly endless supply of people who are as thin-skinned as mice when pressure is applied to them, but then display skins as thick as elephants when there is a danger of empathy being required.

Some people create; others destroy.

Those who create could also destroy, if they wanted to. It is easy.

Those who destroy are usually incapable of creating. That is not so easy.

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