Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Jules Carter Trio: Done Misbehaving

Done Misbehaving
Jules Carter Trio
The Jules Carter Trio enjoyed a successful 2013 in terms of tours and festivals and the creative inertia has led to the release of their second album, featuring 11 original songs.

Track List

You Say No
Same Day Born
27 Club
Ten Out of Ten
Since You Went Away
The Purdie Shuffle
Forever and a Day
But a Fool
Bedroom Eyes
Ma Belle


Jules Carter:  Guitars, lead vocals
Fingerz Carty:  Bass, backing vocals
Paul White:  Drums, backing vocals

What stuck me most when I first listened to Done Misbehaving was the sheer range of styles present over the course of the 11 songs. I was expecting a solid slice of blues rock, but that turned out to be just one part of the story. Soul, jazz, funk and even pop are all present in the mix, with some songs crossing the genres within themselves with unexpected twists and turns. For example, Same Day Born even starts off in almost Rockabilly style before heading off to jazzland and back again. It all makes for an interesting and intriguing musical experience.

Some of the songs fall a little flat for me. 27 Club, all about the stars who died at that fateful age, is rather cliched and 10 Out of Ten falls between between a couple stools, missing ''humorous'' and hitting ''frivolous'' instead.

Rather better is The Purdie Shuffle, all 10 minutes and 49 seconds of it! The song criss-crosses between blues and jazz territory, bringing out the best of each player and representing the highlight of the whole album.

Ultimately, Done Misbehaving offers an entertaining set of songs driven by a genuine attempt to try something a little different from the norm, albeit with the music sometimes reaching a higher level than the lyrics.

Stand out tracks:  You Say No, Some Day Born, The Purdie Shuffle.

Done Misbehaving will be released on 16 June.

For further details, head for the Jules Carter Trio website.

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