Monday, 9 May 2011

One Year On

Today marks one full year since Mike Closs passed away. He may have gone but he will definitely not be forgotten.

'Game of the Month' has just been updated, featuring Mike's favourite variation of the Modern Defence. Peter Lalic has once produced a super video presentation for us all to enjoy.

The game features one of Mike's special openings. He liked to play an unusual variation of the Modern Defence, with his King's Knight heading for f7 via h6. He had a lot of success with this system. Why not give it a try? It's especially good in Rapid and Blitz games. By the way, Mike's inspiration for adding this variation to his repertoire was the book 'Journal of a Chess Original' by Stephan Gerzadowicz (published by Thinkers' Press).

You can catch up with all of Peter's memorial presentations here:

Game of the Month archive

There's a lot more chess content on Peter's own site.

It is time to reveal some details about the next Memorial Event. June will see a unique event featuring an all-star cast and a buffet, Blitz tournament, lectures and a quiz. I have amalgamated events 4 and 6 from our previous list to make the most of some very special guests who will be travelling some distance to be with us.

I think it could be THE event of 2011. As with all of the other events in our memorial season, this one is by invitation only. The entries are in the process of being finalised and I guarantee it's going to be a superb line up. Stay tuned for further announcements....

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