Thursday 29 April 2010

Protect Preston Park

Preston Park is a 100-acre public park in Eaglescliffe (Stockton-on-Tees) with many special features.

There's a butterfly world, museum, various bird and animal enclosures, a cafe, crazy golf course and, of course, a huge grassed area which has long been a very popular and enjoyable place for people to play and relax.

Some people want to build a school on the park.

I've heard plenty of ridiculous things about schools over the years (I've worked in them since 1988) but this plan must be close to the top of the list.

Some people are trying to stop them doing so.

There is a Facebook group devoted to trying to prevent the plan from going ahead, which can be found here:

There will be several opportunities for all of us to sign a petition in protest. The Protect Preston Park group will be happy to take your signature over the Bank Holiday weekend (1-3 May) in Preston Park itself, so do drop by and add your name to the list.


Anonymous said...

Any way I can sign from afar? I remember Preston Park fondly, even if I have not visited for many years!

Sean Marsh said...

There might be a way; the question was asked by someone on the PPP Facebook site.

However, given that Dari Taylor ('MP for building a school on the park') lost her place after the election, and that James Wharton used the fact that he would Protect Preston Park on his campaign literature, the whole thing could be buried sooner rather than later, so stay tuned.