Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A Great Time In Wales

The school summer holidays give plenty of scope for trips away. Following quickly on from our trip to London, it was time to revisit one of my favourite places: Wales.

Starting off with a couple of days in the North provided a plethora of stunning mountainous views around the Snowdonia region. It also gave a convenient springboard for a trip to the amazing village of Portmeirion Built by Welsh architect Clough Williams-Ellis (it took him from 1925 to 1973), this was of course the famous venue for cult TV show 'The Prisoner' (now being remade, although it's not known at this stage if Portmeirion will feature).

Here's a few snaps from what was the only sunny day of the whole trip...

Starting to recognise it now? By the way, 'The Prisoner' influence is only felt in the village shop dedicated to the cult show. Elsewhere, you are ironically free to roam and just enjoy the extraordinary scenery. Features are often found in unusual place...keep your eyes peeled!

We weren't there long before a local ITV TV news crew turned up to get the thoughts of Marsh Towers for their show. (I suppose it's possible they were interviewing lots of people...)

There are lots of little lakes and wooded walks in addition to the architecture.
There are Italian and Japanese influences here and there.
Soon, it was time to move on to South Wales. This had the bonus of the opportunity to visit Hay-on-Wye, the world famous town of bookshops. There are bookshops on virtually every street corner, in the castle, even in an old cinema. One could spend a very long time investigating Hay. However, I was suitably restrained and came away with just six books on this occasion (...and only one of them chess!).
South Wales is more famous for the bays and coves than the hills and mountains but unfortunately the alost permanent rain curtailed our intended beach-based activities. Never mind - there was still plenty to see and do. There were some unusual creatures in a park...
A very large rabbit. Not quite hiding as much as it thinks it is.
There's no cause for a llama!
Some of the animals were much older...

Some of the houses were very unusual too...

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable week and a bit. Come to sunny Wales!


Anonymous said...

It must be tough being you...not being able to go anywhere without the media following...!!

Sean Marsh said...

Very tough. Although as dear Oscar once said, 'There's only one thing worse than being talked about...and that's not being talked about'.