Monday, 17 December 2012

Mark Harrison: Crooked Smile

Crooked Smile
 Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison's Crooked Smile presents 12 self-penned, up-tempo blues songs with a modern twist. 

His website provides a neat summary of what to expect: ''Mark's songs cover a wide range of non-standard themes, from observations of the way we live today to imaginings of the era of the early blues greats. They all have something to say or a story to tell. They'll make you move, make you think, make you smile.''

Mark's catchy guitar riffs - augmented by Will Greener's exemplary, bluesy harmonica - drive the songs along very nicely. Toes will be tapping after the first couple of plays of Crooked Smile.

Each song unveils a self-contained story, with subjects including: the contrast of a son's easy life as compared to that of his father (Bombs Coming Down); the perils of alcohol (The Demon Drink) and the changing of attitudes towards life (Reckless). The storytelling aspect ensures a strong folk streak runs along inside the blues exterior, an approach accentuated by the laid back vocal delivery.

Track List

Georgia Greene
Pearly Gates
Crematorium Blues
Mexican Gardner
Bombs Coming Down
Lay Your Burden Down
The Demon Drink
The Original Dawg
Smiler John

Stand out tracks are Pearly Gates, Bombs Coming Down and Smiler John.

Find out more over Mark Harrison's official website.

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