Friday, 11 December 2020

Best of the Year: 2020

It can be a difficult task to nominate the best gigs of the year.

Last year, despite being to more gigs than ever before, the choice was made easy by the four Stray Cats concerts.

For 2020, I can easily fit the best gigs into my top 10 and, unfortunately, there is still room to spare. I can even post my annual 'Best of the Year' selection early, safe in the knowledge that there will be no more gigs between now and 2021.

I enjoyed every gig I attended in 2020 but early in March the shows suddenly came to and end. I had a large of amount of new gigs lined up. Some are still hoping to go ahead on rescheduled dates; others have gone for good.

Well, these were definitely the top eight shows of 2020 and I loved every minute of each one.

They are presented chronologically and the links situated beneath each image will take you to the Marsh Towers reviews for each one.

Just looking at these photographs and revisiting my reviews brings back the excitement and joy live music brings to my life. My heart rate increases; my feet start to move and I want to sing...

Oh well; maybe next year.

Judy Collins at The Sage

She Drew the Gun at the Georgian Theatre

Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart at The Cluny

The Sound of the Sirens at The Cluny 2

She at the Georgian Theatre

Ultimate Bowie at the Georgian Theatre

Gabrielle Aplin at the Wylam Brewery

Clannad at The Sage

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