Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Project 30, Year 3: Quarter-final Pairings

The first round matches in both Project 30 tournaments have now concluded and here are the results.

Round 1 KO Pairings and Results

Matt Jackman  draw Peter Harker
(Matt won the 5-minute play-off, 2-0)

Paul Weightman 0-1 John Garnett

Graham Edwards 0-1 Kevin Waterman

Richard Harris draw Mike Creaney
(Richard won the replay)

Sean Cassidy 1-0(d) Rayelynn Posadas

David Baillie draw Sean Marsh 
(The Rapidplay play-off was drawn too; I won the 10-minute play-off game)

Mike Pointon 0-1(d) Royce Parker

Round 1 Rapidplay Pairings and Results

David Baillie 0.5-1.5 Matt Jackman

Paul Weightman 0-2 Richard Harris

Graham Edwards 0.5-1.5 Mike Pointon

Mike Creaney 1-1 Sean Cassidy 
(Sean won the Blitz play-off, 1.5-0.5)

John Garnett 1-1 Sean Marsh
(I won the Blitz play-off, 1.5-0.5)

Rayelynn Posadas 0-2(d) Royce Parker

Peter Harker 1-1 Kevin Waterman
(Peter won the Blitz play-off, 3.5-2.5)

Today I caught up with chess juniors Evie and Jessica, both of whom had helped with the draw for the first round, and asked them to make the draw for the quarter-final pairings.

Quarter-final KO Pairings

Each of the rounds will feature one game played at the normal time limit (36 moves in 90 minutes followed by an extra 15 minutes on each clock to play to a finish). Colours will be decided immediately before the games in the usual fashion.

Drawn games will require a replay with colours reversed, which can be played at any time limit agreed by both opponents. If both players cannot reach agreement the aforementioned timings will be used.

Matt Jackman v Sean Cassidy

John Garnett v Sean Marsh

Kevin Waterman v
Royce Parker

Richard Harris v Bye

Quarter-final Rapidplay Pairings

This round will feature four games (two with each colour) with 30 minutes on each clock. Players winning their mini-matches will progress to the next round. Players losing their mini-matches will be eliminated. In the event of a 2-2 tie, the players will contest two five-minute games and keep on doing so if further scores of 1-1 are recorded.

The semi-final will feature six games and the final will feature eight games, with all of these rounds following the same tiebreak method as the first round (if required).

Matt Jackman v Richard Harris

Mike Pointon v Royce Parker

Sean Cassidy v Sean Marsh

Peter Harker v Bye

The games in both sections need to be played by the end of January 2020

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