Wednesday, 22 July 2015

CSC Teesside at the 2015 Northern Gigafinal

Lots of our stars were in action at the recent UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal, held in Manchester over the course of a full weekend.

Our children qualified for the Gigafinal by scoring so well at the Northumberland and York Megafinals (there are reports on those events here and here.)

The full results of the Northern Gigafinal can be found here:



Here is summary of the Teesside scores (if I have missed anyone off the list, please send me a message via the ''comments'' facility and I will amend this post).

Megafinals are tough enough, but to score any points at all a Gigafinal is a major achievement. Well done everyone - I am very proud of you all!

U-7 Boys

Ajay Selvan (Yarm) 3/6

U-7 Girls

Grace Crawford (Yarm) 3.5/6

U-8 Boys

Henry Parker (Yarm) 3/6
Nathan Li (Whale Hill) 1.5/6

U-8 Girls

Sara Tryambake (Yarm) 4/6
Libby Ogden (Throston) 1.5/6

U-9 Boys

Ammar Soni (Yarm) 4.5/6 (=3rd place!)
Gaurav Kannan (Yarm) 3.5/6
Ashton Dawkin (Errington) 3.5/6
Finlay Wardle (Ings Farm) 2/6
Adhithyan Dinakaran (Yarm) 2/6

U-9 Girls

Leia McCusker (Westgarth) 3/6
Samantha Botterill (Yarm) 2/6
Lili Giles (Westgarth) 1.5/6

U-10 Boys

Ihsaan Mahmood (Yarm) 3.5/6
Jack Blackburn (Errington) 3/6
Edward Adams (Yarm) 2.5/6

U-10 Girls

Zoe Coates (Errington) 1.5/6
Zoe Hill (Westgarth) 1.5/6

U-11 Boys

Abhinav Ramisetty (Yarm) 3.5/6
James Vasey (Throston) 2/6

U-13 Boys

Yash Gulve (Yarm) 3/6

U-16 Girls

Hannah Westwick (Redcar Chess Club) 3/6 (3rd!)

Ammar Soni's sensational result means he has now qualified for the Terrafinal (Challengers' Section) which is the final part of the 2015 UK Chess Challenge.

Congratulations, Ammar!

Amma with his prizes
UKCC's IM Mike Basman can be seen in the background

Both photos © Dr Soni and reproduced here with kind permission.

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