Friday 24 July 2015

Batsford Book of Chess: From Beginner to Winner (Updates)

This page rounds up various developments since the publication of my book in September 2014.


Amazon UK

This is a well presented and thought out book with clear illustration from beginner up to a high level. Something for all can be found within these pages, from beginner to top board player. Makes you realise you're never to old to learn. Well done Mr Marsh.

- Garry Benson

I found this to be an excellent book for my children. It is clear and well-written so suitable for complete beginners, but then progresses onto higher level skills and so was also of benefit to my older child who already had the basics. Whatever your skill, this book seems to have it all and I would highly recommend.

- JM

Well written, researched and presented. A great help with my understanding of the game. I would recommend this marvelous book to anyone at any level. A large format, full colour hardcover, well illustrated, at an amazing price. We look forward to your future volumes.

- DB Sharon

This book is very useful for beginners or amazing players so I would recommend this book for any chess lover good job Mr.Marsh :-)

- Jon

Went down very well as a Christmas present, so presumably the information in it is interesting & useful.

- Greta

Amazon US

This is another great book in the rich trove of chess literature that serves to educate, inspire, and amuse readers of all skill levels. The theme of the book is "beginner to winner," and that's exactly what it covers. It starts with a complete review of the movements of the pieces and the game rules, and progresses through winning, drawing, and losing, common openings, tactical weapons, playing for position, winning strategy, analysis of key moments in championship games, and character sketches and analysis of the playing styles of some of the greatest geniuses the game has ever known.

This is a book that can benefit the complete novice as well as the tournament level player. The author writes with a simple, direct style that clearly illustrates the point of the text without ever talking down to the reader.

- Barrie G. Britton

The book is very beautiful (hardcover, lots of colorful chess boards inside, nice paper) and I paid for it only $22.95. Also, I think I am learning from it. My game has improved since I started reading this book. You will learn some tactical weapons (the fork, the pin, the skewer...), positional play, openings and a lot of other necessary strategies.

- Karina Bertolino

Chess Cafe

The appropriately annotated games (and there are many of them) will help such a player understand some of the basics of what is going on in a given game, and the presentation of some of the greatest players should whet his or her appetite to learn more about the game by searching out additional annotated games by the great masters.

I might have added a fifth goal for The Batsford Book of Chess – to introduce the reader to a little of the excitement and mysterious allure of the game. I think this was also achieved.

- Steve Goldberg

Sean Marsh goes to the heart of many of these subjects and consequently kindles an interest to explore these matters in more dedicated books. This is truly a heroic attempt which I think succeeds

- Bill Frost

Chess Book Reviews

My copy is lovely released with a hard copy and this book is a truly gift to every lover of the game.
Conclusion: A highly instructive eye catching learning book!

- Jon Elburg

The hardback edition is perfect for an adult who wants to start playing and there is enough material to also encourage enthusiastic amateurs to make a wise investment. There are plenty of diagrams to make it easy to read and some photos of star players to add background to the anecdotes.
The right way to learn chess and improve.

- Gary Lane

THE BATSFORD BOOK OF CHESS is beautifully laid out and would serve as an excellent introduction to the game, be it for an adult or a young child working with a parent.


- John Donaldson

Signing Sessions

There have been various signing sessions in my schools and for friends. I am planning at least one more session during 2015.

Feature in Writing Magazine (August 2015)

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There are a couple of corrections to mistakes that somehow skip through the editorial net (thank you, Sandy Ruxton, for pointing out two of these).

Page 32:

In the first diagram, it should be a black rook on e2 instead of a bishop (as correctly shown in the other two diagrams on the same page).

Page 53:

White should have just the one bishop in the first diagram and it is on f4. The bishop should then be on c7 for the second diagram.

Page 201:

There is an inadvertent repetition of three moves and their explanatory notes in the right-hand column.

Further updates will follow in due course.

The Batsford Book of Chess: From Beginner to Winner by Sean Marsh is available directly from the publisher and from the usual online retailers, including via the Amazon links given above. 

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