Monday, 10 February 2014

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels
Darlington Civic Theatre
Fallen Angels, highly controversial back in 1925, with critics lining up to label the play ''degenerate'', ''vile'' and ''obscene'', is now correctly regarded as a hugely entertaining comedy.

The basic premise finds Julian and Jane plodding along in boring marriages. Their husbands (Fred and Willy) head off for a golfing weekend on the same day both women receive a postcard from a mutual old flame, the charming - and French - Maurice Duclos. Maurice is on his way to England and angling for a reunion!

With the husbands away, Julia and Jane - marvellously portrayed by Jenny Seagrove and Sara Crowe respectively - prepare for their romantic visitor but become ever more drunk, slapstick and ridiculous over the course of the evening. Their meal descends into farce (I was sitting in the front row and was nearly hit by a piece of steak and a stray profiterole) as jealousy mingles with nervous anticipation, punctuated only by the occasional ''wrong'' phone call and the marvellously timed interjections by
Saunders, the maid.

But when will Maurice appear...? Perhaps when the Fred and Willy return...

Vile and obscene? No; just very, very funny.

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