Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mighty Mojos: Hook Line and Sinker

Hook Line And Sinker
Mighty Mojos

The Mighty Mojos are another new band to me. Hailing from Northern Ireland, and popular players on the club scene there for the last couple of years, they are all set to release their debut CD in a week's time.

Their music encompasses the worlds of rock, rockabilly and blues, with just a twist of country. It's a four-piece band, with the following personnel:

Alan Ward: Vocals, harmonica
Davy Kennedy: Drums
Ali McKenzie: Bass
David McClean: Guitars

The opener, White Lightning, sets a fast rockabilly pace for the rest to follo. It reminds me a little bit of some of Brian Setzer's work, specifically from his 13 album. David McClean's slide guitar and Alan Ward's harmonica are both well to the fore here and they continue to impress throughout the album.

Devil In Disguise is sure to be another popular track, similar in toe-tapping style to White Lightning. Just as the theme of the album seems set, Back To You appears to upend expectations. It's a wistful ballad - and a very good one. Then it's back to another fine slice of rockabilly with Cindylou.

I Want It All rocks the album to what should be its natural conclusion, but just when it seems we have reached the end we are treated to a couple of blistering live covers and a final piece of Mighty Mojos blues/rock with You Wouldn't Treat A Dog Like That.

Seven of the tracks are penned by David McClean (with the credits for White Lightning shared by Alan Ward). The others are by Keb Mo (Am I Wrong), Tampa Red (Don't You Lie To Me), Robert Johnson (Come On In My Kitchen) and Muddy Waters (Can't Be Satisfied).

The influences are all there to see; aside from the artists covered, we can clearly see traces of the likes of Dr Feelgood.

Track List

White Lightning
Hook Line And Sinker
Come On In My Kitchen
Devil In Disguise
Back To You
Am I Wrong
I Want It All
Can't Be Satisfied (Live)
Don't You Lie To Me (Live)
You Wouldn't Treat A Dog Like That

Stand out tracks:  White Lightning, Back To You, I Want It All.

Further details about the Mighty Mojos are available on their official website.

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