Monday, 25 February 2013

Doug MacLeod: There's A Time

There's A Time
Doug MacLeod

With a career already spanning more than 30 years, Doug MacLeod is all set to make another debut - this time with the Reference Recordings label. There's A Time will be given the star treatment, with a two-LP vinyl set being released alongside the regular CD edition.

The genre is acoustic blues; slow-burning, story-telling songs played as live, with no overdubs. Indeed, the spontaneity is a particular strength of the record. ''There are two songs on this album where I either missed a word or changed an entire verse on the spot'' confessed MacLeod.

His songs (all self-penned here, as is the norm for MacLeod) are based primarily on his own life and influences. He says, ''If you're speaking honestly, then I believe you're coming from your heart. If you can get to the heart, then you can get to the soul, and I think that's where songs like to live.''

The exception to the rule comes in the form of My Inlaws Are Outlaws. ''This is the only song I've written that's not true! I used some poetic license here, which they tell me is just a little less important than a fishing license.''

Doug's guitar collection must be huge. The CD booklet reveals which one was played on each track, complete with pictures. The band consists of Denny Croy on bass and Jimi Bott on drums.

Track List

Rosa Lee
Black Nights
The Up Song
My Inlaws Are Outlaws
The Entitled Few
A Ticket Out
Run With The Devil
St. Elmo's Rooms and Pool
I'll Be Walking On
East Carolina Woman
The Night Of The Devil's Road
Dubb's Talking Religion Blues

Stand out tracks:  A Ticket Out, East Carolina Woman, Ghost.

There's A Time will be released on 12 March 2013. Find out more over at the Doug MacLeod website.

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