Saturday, 3 April 2021

Project 30: Results Update

The semi-finals of both competitions have now concluded.All four battles were extremely close and ferociously contested.

The results are given below.

The pairings for the respective finals are:


(An eight-game match)
Matt Jackman - Dave Baillie


Andrew Smith - Rayelynn Posadas

Target Date for Completion of the Finals: End of April 2021

Project 30 Rapidplay Match Championship

January - April 2021

Semi-Final Results

(Matches were of six games)

Matt Jackman 3.5-2.5 Andrew Smith (W2, D3, -1 from Matt's point of view)

Dave Baillie 3-3 Richard Harris (+2, =2, -2. Dave won the Blitz play-off)

Project 30 KO Championship 2021

February - April 2021

Semi-Final Results

(Players will decide the colours)

Andrew Smith 1-0 (First game drawn) Dave Baillie

Matt Jackman 0-1 Rayelynn Posadas

All-play-all Capablanca Tournament

Peter Harker 7/10

Royce Parker 6/10

Paul Weightman 3/6

John Garnett 3/6

Mike Pointon 1/4

Kevin Waterman 0/4


Peter Harker 2-0 Mike Pointon

Peter Harker 1-1 Paul Weightman

Peter Harker 2-0 Kevin Waterman

Peter Harker 1.5-0.5 Royce Parker

Peter Harker 0.5-1.5 John Garnett

Royce Parker 1.5-0.5 John Garnett

Royce Parker 1-1 Paul Weightman

Royce Parker 2-0 Kevin Waterman

Royce Parker 1-1 Mike Pointon

Paul Weightman 1-1 John Garnett

All-play-all Alekhine Tournament

Richard Harris 4.5/6

Graham Edwards 1/2

Royce Parker 0.5/2

Kevin Waterman 0/2


Richard Harris 1-1 Graham Edwards

Richard Harris 2-0 Kevin Waterman

Richard Harris 1.5-0.5 Royce Parker


In both of the new tournaments, the format will be all-play-all twice. A 1-1 result will stand; there will be no tie-breakers.

The default time-limit will be 30 minutes on each clock, but there is scope for you to decide on another time-limit with your opponents.

Start as soon as you want to, using the rough timetable of one round in February and two rounds per subsequent months, which should enable the tournaments to draw to a close at the end of April 2021.

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