Monday, 12 October 2020

Create or Destroy

I try to refrain from political comment but sometimes I have to relent.

The picture of the ballerina, released today as part of an ill-advised campaign to enforce retraining, is an absolute disgrace.

Blame the dancer; the artiste; the artist; the singer; the actor; the writer.

Blame the creative people.

In fact, why not crush creativity altogether.

Who needs theatres? Who needs cinemas? Who needs books? Who need music? Who needs opera? Who needs ballet? Who needs chess?

I have spent 33 years working with young people. I have talked to them and listened to them.

I have spent a considerable amount of time encouraging people to follow their dreams and not to feel constrained by the thoughts and opinions of others; to think for themselves and to make up their own minds.

Many years ago, I chose a creative - yet highly controversial - path for myself. I didn't care then what other people thought of my plans and I certainly don't care now.

Nor should anybody else. 

I lost count of the number of people who told me I ‘should go back to college’ and all of the other pieces of unsolicited ‘advice’ I ignored.

Making a living as a writer, actor, musician or dancer is not easy. It takes many years of determination, perseverance, sweat and tears. There will be numerous setbacks. Nobody is going to make it easy for you.

The arts are being systematically destroyed. I have numerous friends who have had no paid work since March of this year.

Everything is closing down and very few things will ever return to how they were before the emergency occurred.

Now is not the time to rely on childish memes or a cascade of bad language.

Now is the time to give people a lesson in resilience and resolve.

If creative people out there would like to be interviewed for my blog then just let me know.

We can talk about the positive aspects of your life and work. We can get your message across.

This offer is small fry, in the grand scheme of things - but nevertheless it is a positive action.

If we give in to the negativity ‘from above’ it will muddy the waters and bring everyone down to the same level.

In life, it is always the same: some people create; others destroy.

Choose your corner.

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