Tuesday, 8 July 2014

CSC Team Tournament

CSC Team Tournament
Throston Primary School, Hartlepool

The 4th CSC Team Tournament produced a tough battle for honours, with defending champions - and this year's hosts - Throston Primary School hoping to win the title for a third time in four years.

However, at the end of the first round, Errington Primary School held a significant advantage of one and a half points over Throston A, having won all four of their games. Brambles and Billingham South were just half a point off Throston A, Throston B and Sacred Heart in close pursuit.

The second round brought a single defeat for Errington but wins in the other three games meant they could no longer stopped, despite powerful attempts by both Throston A and Billingham South, who finished second and third respectively.

The Hartlepool Mail, long-term supporters of our events, were there to cover the tournament. In addition to the usual photos - which should appear in the paper some time this week - they shot some video footage, which can be seen here.

Final Scores

1st: Errington: 7 points (out of 8)

2nd: Throston A: 5.5

3rd: Billingham South: 5

4th: Brambles: 3

5th: Throston B: 2

6th: Sacred Heart: 1.5

All players received a certificate. The teams in first, second and third positions received medals and the champions received a second certificate and the trophy.
Sacred Heart
Throston B
Billingham South - Bronze!
Throston A - Silver!
Errington - Gold!

Congratulations Errington (Jack Dunn, Finn Henry, Thomas Stiff and Zoe Coates), who were runners-up in 2013. Can they successfully defend their title in 2015? We'll see!

Roll of Honour

2011: Ings Farm and Throston
2012: Ings Farm and Billingham South
2013: Throston
2014: Errington

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