Thursday 3 April 2014

Stark: Stories From The Ground

Stories From The Ground
Stark - a three-piece band hailing from Brighton - have just released their new EP, featuring six original songs crossing several genres.

Track List

Let's Talk Down Together
Killing Floor
Hundred For An Inch
Ball And Chain

Stark are: Jamie Francis (lead vocals, guitar, banjo); Evan Carson (drums and vocals); John 'Rusty' Franklin (bass). Each player brings his own influences to bear across the EP, so we get an intriguing blend of progressive rock, blues, funk and even a slice or two of country.

The music is highly original, with very interesting arrangements. A recurring theme for the listener is just when it seems each song has been pinned down and identified, it has a tendency to throw an aural curveball or two to throw up more sonic questions than answers.

Follow all things Stark over at their official website.

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