Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cyril Neville: Magic Honey

Magic Honey
Cyril Neville
Cyril Neville's new album has just been released. Or rather, his gumbo (as he likes to call it) has - and he is happy with his sonic culinary skills: ''I'm extremely proud of this record. It's a tasteful, well-cooked musical gumbo that I think will be pleasing to the palates of music lovers.''

Track list

Magic Honey
Swamp Funk
Something's Got a Hold on Me
Another Man
Still Going Down Today
You Can Run But You Can't Hide
Blues is the Truth
Running Water
Working Man
Money and Oil
Slow Motion

The recipe is essentially a blend of funk and up-tempo blues, with the occasional slice of rock and reggae thrown in for good measure. There's a good mix of tone to the songs too, from the innuendo-laden Magic Honey, the sweaty Swamp Funk, through the more serious mid-section of the album (Something's Got a Hold on Me to Invisible), the political Money and Oil and the winding-down reggae pace of Slow Motion.

It's no mean trick to balance such big ingredients and keep the whole thing on the boil. Indeed, Cyril's great experience is an essential requirement; at 64, and with a long track record behind him, his professionalism makes it look easy.

Cyril serves up the lead vocals and percussion throughout the gumbo and his musical kitchen features the following staff:

Cranston Clements - guitar
''Mean'' Willie Green - drums
Carl Dufrene - bass
Norman Caesar - keys

Guest artists spice up the mix, with Allen Toussaint, Dr. John, Mike Zito, David Z, Walter Trout, Gaynielle Neville and Omari Neville adding a combination of guitars, keyboards and backing vocals at various points.

Stand out tracks: Something's Got a Hold on MeStill Going Down Today, Invisible.

Find out more about Cyril Neville over at his official website.

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Cyril is currently touring as part of Royal Southern Brotherhood!

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