Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Apollo Victoria Theatre

My mini-trip to London concluded with a jaunt to the theatre to see Wicked. Just before that, there was a little time to spend among the street entertainers, who performed their own brand of vaudevillian shenanigans under the watchful gaze of the London Eye.

I enjoy observing the seemingly endless variety of performers. One used to see such acts regularly on TV before times and tastes changed. Britain's still got talent but it no longer reaches such a wide audience.

A successful escape from the straightjacket

Living statue
Limbo dancer
Having second thoughts...?
Soon enough, it was time to head over to Victoria to see Wicked (for the second time). This Wizard of Oz musical prequel easily stands up to a repeat viewing.

It's intriguing to see how the characters ended up as the ones we first saw on the big screen, many years ago. The line between good and wicked is revealed as being very narrow indeed and actions invariably lead to consequences.

The play offers a different aspect to various scenarios from The Wizard of Oz and shows the origins of the Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow.

The story has a strong moralistic element and is both thought provoking and uplifting. Perhaps we can all do with the occasional reminder that we can break free and defy gravity whenever we choose to do so.

Wicked is one of the must-see musicals, throughly deserving of its high reputation. Good news! Wicked goes on tour from September 2013, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy it. My advice is to seize the opportunity or risk ending up green with envy.

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