Friday, 12 April 2013

Cam Penner: To Build A Fire

To Build A Fire
Cam Penner
Cam Penner's fifth album is an extraordinary piece of work. Edgy, raw and thoroughly original, this is alt-folk with numerous unexpected twists and turns.

The surprises come as early as the first track, the instrumental Mighty Damn Animator (So Long, Farewell). I definitely wasn't expecting to encounter a brass section. The style book is continually ripped up as the album progresses. There's some Woody Guthrie-style material some contemporary folk and even a touch of banjo-driven rap on Memphis. One things for sure - no two songs could be accused of being similar!

Track List

1. Mighty Damn Animator
(So Long, Farewell)
2. To Build A Fire
3. This Could Be Your Anthem
4. Rivers Forgotten
5. No Consequence
6. Memphis
7. Curiosity
8. Gasoline Summers
9. House Of Liars
10. Whiskey Lips

Stand out tracks: Mighty Damn Animator (So Long, Farewell), Curiosity, House Of Liars.

It's a challenging album that will demand attention from the listener.

Find out more about Cam Penner over at his official website.

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