Friday, 2 November 2012

London Chess Classic: Player Ratings

The new FIDE rating list has just been published.

It is interesting to pick out the participants of the forthcoming London Chess Classic to see how they stand in relation to each other and to see what sort of form they are on as we count down the days towards the London event.

World No.1 Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen stands head an shoulders above the rest world. His rating stands at an enormous 2848. Lev Aronian is second on the list, with a rating of 2815.

Here's a list of the Classic players, showing their position in the world and their current FIDE rating.

1  Magnus Carlsen (2848)
2  Levon Aronian (2815)
3  Vladimir Kramnik (2795)
6  Vishy Anand (2775)
13 Hikaru Nakamura (2755)
29 Luke McShane (2713)
32 Michael Adams (2710)
43 Judit Polgar (2705)
117 Gawain Jones (2644)

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