Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Rachel Harrington Interview (Part 2)

Following on from part 1, this section of the interview with Rachel Harrington and the Knock Outs covers the potential pitfalls of touring, such as meltdowns and the tricky balance of finances...

In full swing at The Cleveland Bay
You are very honest on your tour blog, highlighting the good and bad points of touring. Is it all worthwhile at the end of the day? 

Is it all worthwhile at the end of the day…what do you guys think?

Knock Outs: Touring? Absolutely. Hell, yeah!

'Hell, Yeah!'
You have the low points, though. The meltdowns…

Knock Outs:  It’s not necessarily with it during the day – but during the show…! Yeah! We play music; it’s fun and it’s a great life. We’re also very focused when we’re touring. We get into town and set up, play the show, pack it all up and then move on to the next one. There’s a nice rhythm to it.

You certainly look to be having lots of fun when you are playing and that comes across as being very genuine.  Financially, are you lucky to break even on a tour?

Well, we’re looking to more than break even. We all like to make a living.

Of course, but based on the comments on your tour blog and doing the maths of the tour – there’s a lot of you – it must be difficult to reach the level where you are making money.

It is. In part we’re able to do this because of my history of touring over here so I already have a certain draw, a certain fanbase who will already come out, so that’s what…you know, last year, I threw it as a trio because I can afford to bring some more folks. Amy and Mo play as MoZo and they’ve got records for sale so that helps with their income. Alisa is working on a record right now so next time we come out on tour she’s going to have that, so yeah, we’re going to figure out a way to make it work. In the meantime it’s a paid vacation. I mean, we’re working out buts off –

Knock Outs: We work hard and play harder!

The interview in progress
To be concluded...

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