Monday, 14 October 2013

Ron Sayer Jr. and Charlotte Joyce: Hard To Please

Hard To Please
Ron Sayer Jr. and Charlotte Joyce
Track List

Hard To Please
Cold Shoulder To Cry On
Wolf In Sheep's Clothes
Off The Road
Time For Goodbye
Do You Love Me Like You Love Yourself
Mr. Weatherman
No One Left To Blame
Don't Mess Around
One Of Your Looks
It Ain't Up To You
Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Ron Sayer Jr. has been featured here at Marsh Towers before, when we took a look at his Better Side album. Hard to Please features the same sort of musical fusion, keeping one foot firmly in the blues camp while extending the other into the genres of funk, rock and country.

The major difference between the two albums is the addition of Charlotte Joyce, who shares the vocals duties throughout. Indeed, the title track and One Of Your Looks are both full-blown duets. Ron and Charlotte take turns on lead vocals thereafter, but the other is never far away. On the funky Cold Shoulder To Cry On for example, Charlotte's backing vocals provide warmth and texture every time we hit the chorus; a trick repeated later on the rocking Do You Love Me Like You Love Yourself.

There are a couple of marked changes in tempo, such as Time For Goodbye, which sees Charlotte slow-burning her way through one of the gentler numbers. Mr. Weatherman sees Charlotte smouldering away in a slab of soul.

Impressively, the singing duo also share the songwriting credits on all 12 tracks.

Stand out tracks:  Wolf in Sheep's ClothingDo You Love Me Like You Love Yourself,  Of Your Looks.

For the latest news and tour dates, head over to Ron Sayer Jr.'s  official website and the Charlotte Joyce website.

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