Thursday 10 October 2013

Alison Moyet At The Sage

Alison Moyet
The Sage, Gateshead

Alison Moyet was on great form at The Sage last weekend. Looking great and showcasing an impressive new album, she played for just under 90 minutes and connected strongly with the excited audience.

Horizon Flame, the opening track from The Minutes album, proved an effective opener here too, smouldering, simmering and building the mood for the rest of the evening. Side screens filled the visual experience with glittering stars as the electronic music riffed and looped. This was swiftly followed by another highlight from The Minutes, namely When I Was Your Girl (the first single from the album).

Early on, it was made clear: ''It's Electro tonight - not Jazz. None!'' and the theme of the night was set. It wasn't all recent material by any means; the next song, Nobody's Diary was ''written at 16'' and a number of songs from a similar era received reemerged to the evident pleasure of the crowd.

As regards the older material, Alison Moyet said it was essential to avoid the ''danger of becoming your own tribute act'' and stressed the importance of ''engage with what I'm doing.'' This led straight into a new version of Only You that retained the spirit and vocal delivery of the original and coupled it with an updated musical arrangement.

The new material was certainly not overshadowed by the Yazoo classics; it will be interesting to see how they settle into context a few years down the line.

All in all, it was an engaging and triumphant performance and another act on the growing list labelled - ''definitely to be seen again.''

Set list

Horizon Flame
When I Was Your Girl
Nobody's Diary
Ordinary Girl
Remind Yourself
Is This Love
Winter Kills
A Place to Stay
Only You
Apple Kisses
This House
All Signs of Life
Right as Rain
Love Resurrection


Whispering Your Name
All Cried Out
Don't Go

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