Sunday, 13 October 2013

Rev Ferriday and The Longdogs: Nine Beats

Nine Beats
Rev Ferriday and The Longdogs
Track List

Syd's Song
Nine Beats
Tail Lights
C Inside
Comin' In

Rev Ferriday's musical past dates back to the late 1980s, with Indie rock band Loop but it was only in 2012 when his first solo album appeared. The follow-up is all set to be released on 21 October.

With bluesy harmonica well to the fore, deep vocals and general grungy feel, Nine Beats presents nine slices of down 'n' dirty blues, described in the publicity blurb as inhabiting a place ''somewhere between Johnny Cash and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.'' On close inspection, I'd say the description is not a million miles from the truth. The sound reminds me of other artists too, such as Ian Siegal (especially from his Revelator era).

Mostly, the pace is uptempo, with a rock feel, but there is room for the occasional step into the world of more traditional blues, such as 10/6.

Catchy riffs abound; it's all toe-tappingly good stuff with simple enough arrangements that were presumably designed to be played live.

Stand out tracks:  Moonshine, Nine Beats.

For news and gig dates, head for the official Rev Ferriday and The Longdogs website.

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