Wednesday, 9 October 2013

An Evening With David Nobbs

Helmsley Arts Centre

David Nobbs - author of, amongst other things, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin - is currently on a theatre tour to talk about his life and publicise his new novel, The Fall and Rise of David Coppinger.

We caught him at the exact midpoint of the tour, at the Helmsley Arts Centre. We had been there once before (to see Bridie Jackson and The Arbour). It's a small and cosy venue - perfect for an intimate show.

Despite the presence of a Ronnie Corbett-style armchair, David spent most of the evening standing as he regaled the appreciative audience with tales from his life and long career, including his spell in the army (''You there! What's you're name?'' ''Nobbs, sir!'') and his spell as a reporter for a newspaper (the first word of his debut article was ''thives'' - a misspelled version of ''thieves'').

He went on to tell us all about his times with the likes of Frankie Howerd and Les Dawson before finally sitting down for a question and answer session.

The evening concluded with a book signing session (a selection of his books was on sale at the venue at reduced prices) and the opportunity for quick informal chat.

It was the second time I'd seen David Nobbs. The first was at the Scarborough Literature Festival, back in 2010. Both occasions were very enjoyable and his one-man shows are highly recommended to anyone with an interest in the genre.

Follow the latest Nobbs news and tour dates over at his official website.

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