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Ron Sayer jr: Better Side

Better Side
Ron Sayer jr.
Ron Sayer’s own description of his music is ‘…a mix of many different styles I’ve absorbed in a sponge-like way over the years (funk, rock, country, jazz etc)’. Such a fusion shouldn’t necessarily lead to confusion for the discerning listener, as the music is ‘…always served marinated in blues sauce. Just the way it should be!’

He earned his first guitar at the age of seven, having been promised the prize on the condition that he ‘…could learn the Star Wars theme on my cheesy Bontempi organ.’ Cream provided early inspiration; many others followed, from classic old bluesmen such as BB King and Muddy Waters to ‘…some not so obvious but still incredible players’ such as Tommy Emmanuel. Ron periodically plays bass guitar for Oli Brown too.
With Oli Brown

Better Side showcases Ron’s guitar skills in combination with his talent as a singer/songwriter (all bar two tracks were written by him). The riff-driven blues have the backing of a full band (drums, keyboards, bass, backing vocals) to give everything a punchy, accomplished sound.

Faster tracks (such as Bad Thing and Manana) intermingle with slower blues (I Ain’t Leaving, What Would You Do?). The keyboards add a touch of the soul sound here and there and, of course, guitar solos are an integral feature throughout the CD.

The only song I didn’t warm to was My Mother In Law, which proceeds in predictable fashion and seems at odds with the rest of the selection.

Track List 

Bad Thing
I Ain’t Leaving Don’t
Make Me Stay
All The Time
You Can Cry
Piece Of Me
Your Pleasure, My Pain
My Mother In Law
Little White Lies
What Would You Do?
Baby Blue

Stand out tracks: Bad Thing, Piece Of Me.

Find out more on Ron’s official website.

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