Saturday, 26 May 2012

Clare Free: Dust and Bones

Dust and Bones 
Clare Free

Both with a band and as a solo artiste, Clare Free has enjoyed an increasing amount of radio and magazine coverage over the last year or so. 

 All of the songs on Dust and Bones are Clare’s own compositions; an impressive achievement. The themes should resonate with most listeners. For example, Can’t Slow Down portrays a world which ‘ain’t kind to a human heart’ and in which ‘…we’re always rushing caught in life’s slip stream’, while Tempted speaks of being able to ‘Hear my demons talk to me in dirty ways; my self control slowly slips away.’ 

The subject matter is often dark, but tinged with hope, an aspect especially noticeable on Stronger Than You Think and Small Miracles. Elsewhere, there are songs of broken love (Dust and Bones) and unwanted attention (Creepy). All good topics for Clare’s fiery, passionate blues style. 

Track List 

Can’t Slow Down 
Dust and Bones 
Little Miss Jealousy 
Believe In Me 
Stronger Than You Think 
Small Miracles 
My Last Day 

Stand out tracks: Can’t Slow Down, Stronger Than You Think, Creepy. 

Follow Clare’s progress on her official website.

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