Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dani Wilde: Juice Me Up

Dani Wilde
Juice Me Up
With an energetic statement of intent from the horn section and a building roll of drum thunder, Don't Go Making Me Cry blasts off Dani Wilde's third solo album with a strong, toe-tapping opener. It's fast-paced blues with deep Motown roots clearly showing. Instantly familiar, catchy and likeable, it draws the listener into the album in search of more of the same.

Walk Out The Front Door is a little bit slower and more soulful but very much in keeping with the opener. By now, the scene is well and truly set.

Let Me Show You is faster again, very 1960s, complete with backing vocals (mainly repeating the sing-along title) and mid-song guitar solo. The general subject matter running through the first three songs - boys and break ups - is solid ground.

There's a change of tack on Crazy World, a song about rebel group in Africa recruiting children. Politics rear their head again on the funky The Burning Truth, which is about the 2011 UK riots. Personally, I don't enjoy political and/or protest songs as much as others (they date so rapidly for one thing) and I feel here that - despite being worthy statements - they are perhaps a shade too far removed from the overall feel of Juice Me Up.

Elsewhere the diversity continues. There are more songs in keeping with the opening tracks (Call On Me), slow ballads (Falling, Sweet Inspiration, I Will Be Waiting), a slow Doo-Wop style number (Who's Loving You) and a couple of rock-outs (Juice Me Up and the down 'n' dirty bluesy Mississippi Kisses).

 Track list
  1. Don't Go Making Me Cry
  2. Walk Out The Front Door
  3. Let Me Show You
  4. Crazy World
  5. Who's Loving You
  6. Mississippi Kisses
  7. All I Need
  8. The Burning Truth
  9. Falling
  10. Call On Me
  11. Juice Me Up
  12. Sweet Inspiration
  13. I Will Be Waiting
I imagine Dani is great to see live, where even more energy can be poured into the songs. Definitely one to keep an eye on.  Fans of Oli Brown should give Juice Me Up a try; there are some stylistic similarities between the labelmates. (Dani had a guest spot on Oli's latest CD too.)

Keep up to date with the latest Dani Wilde news and your dates over at her official website and there's more information over at Rufrecords.

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