Monday, 28 May 2012

Rachel Harrington and the Knock Outs: New CD

Rachel Harrington 
and the 
Knock Outs
This week we'll be publishing our recent interview with Rachel Harrington. To set the scene, here's another look at Rachel's new CD. The genesis of the CD will be covered in the interview.

Suffice to say that the introduction of an all-girl band has given Rachel a change of direction, although stepping from the worlds of Americana and folk into country and honkytonk does not represent a seismic shift, so fans of previous albums will not feel they have been left behind. Makin' Our House A Honkytonk sets the scene perfectly, just as it did when it when opened the set at The Cleveland Bay. It's pacey, catchy and instantly likeable.

Not every song is so blatantly honkytonk, there's good variety on this CD. There's a duet with Mark Erelli on the smouldering I'll Show You Mine, an updated, punchier version of Sunshine Girl - Rachel's signature tune - now called Moonshine Boy, and an extraordinary (and very funny) observational piece called Hippie In My House.

Track List

Makin' Our House A Honkytonk
He's My Man
Love Him Or Leave Him To Me
Wedding Ring Vacation
Get You Some
I'll Show You Mine
Nothin' To Do But You
Hippie In My House
Moonshine Boy
I'd Like To Take This Chance

As we saw for ourselves at The Cleveland Bay, the Knock Outs are a terrific band who just love playing together. Their enthusiasm is apparent on every song on the CD.

Impressively, Rachel wrote all of the songs (with co-writing credits for Steve Duda and Evan Brubaker on I'd Like To Take This Chance and He's My Man respectively).

Stand out tracks: Makin' Our House A Honky Tonk, Nothin' To Do But You, Moonshine Boy.

There's more on Rachel, her music and the Knock Outs on this page.

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