Monday 8 June 2015

CSC Teesside at the 2015 Megafinals

The chess stars of CSC Teesside were recently in action at two of the UK Chess Challenge Megafinals.

We had players from Billingham South, St. Mark's and Throston at the Northumbria Megafinal on 16 May and four of our players qualified for the next stage of the challenge, the Manchester Gigafinal.

Emily Lynn: Under-7 Suprema
Libby Ogden: Under-8 Suprema
Gigafinalists: Kaitlin Eglintine and James Vasey
The rest of our schools - Brambles, Whale Hill, Sacred Heart, Dormanstown, Wheatlands, Ings Farm, Westgarth, John Emmerson Batty, Pennyman, New Marske and Errington - had representatives at thew York Megafinal on 7 June, where we enjoyed great success, taking numerous titles, trophies and rosettes.

Leia McCusker: Under-9 Suprema

Jack Blackburn: =1st in the Under-10 Boys' Section
Lili-Grace Giles: =1st in the Under-9 Girls' Section
 Yarm School were out in force and had a truly memorable day.
Grace Crawford: Under-7 Suprema
Sara Tryambake: Under-8 Suprema (with 6/6!)
Ajay Selvan: Under-7 Supremo
Ben Meager: =1st in the Under-7 Boys' Section
Jake Meager: Under-10 Supremo
Yash Gulve: Under-13 Supremo

Well done, everyone!

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